The Quad, a property of College Tonight, Inc. (CTHS), is a free web platform that caters specifically to the college experience. As a quad is physically the center of most college campuses, metaphorically represents the hub of each campus with its suite of essential tools. College students have busy, diverse schedules. The Quad offers an expansive solution that simplifies and enhances their lives, catering to their individual experiences. The collegiate platform consists of a variety of modules, each fluidly integrated with one another, creating an unprecedented social media property for college students.


Modules of The Quad include:


The Scene: A social conduit that breaks down barriers and creates opportunity for students, both on campuses and within their broader communities. Interactive event listings keep students informed and up-to-date.


Greek Life: A host of collaborative features to manage Greek chapters, from dues collection, to electronic chapter meetings, to editable documents and file sharing.


Academics: Study forums, privacy-protected group work and calendar management to increase organization and collaboration. As important as social growth is during college years, equally important is academic discipline and development. It's with this understanding, that The Quad offers the gamut of tools to serve any collegian's fundamental needs.


The Shop: College-oriented products in a retail outfit available to students, family members and alumni. This is the only module that does not require an .edu for full access, offering everything from car shipping services, to Quad Pong tables, to custom Greek merchandise.


The Quad is where college life comes together.